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Providing outstanding customer phone and email reservation experiences that are completely seamless for your customers and highly cost-effective for your property.

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Who we are

Travel Resource Solutions (TRS) provides client branded "private label" reservation services. Offering complete toll free (800) reservation capabilities, airline reservations, customer service, credit card processing and full accounting services, TRS supports resorts and hotels as well as adventure and dive companies that are looking for a US based presence.

Our Reservation Specialists have the highly developed sales and customer services skills needed to ensure successful sales of your products and your brand. Each of our clients is assign a team of Reservations Specialists which includes a Lead Agent. The individuals selected will have the right temperament, attitude and aptitude best suited for your brand. They learn every part of your operation through visitations to your property to they can see first hand how your business operates, gain knowledge of your company culture and equally important, be able to experience your vacation product from a guests point of view. With our training and your guidance, TRS creates a superior travel planning experience for your customers.

Our Technology
One key competitive advantage of Travel Resource Solutions is our commitment to using the latest available technology. Travel Resource Solutions continually invests in computer technology to improve the management of the reservation process. By utilizing our existing technology, money for hefty programming or development costs can be better spent on your product and your clients.

Travel Resource Solutions is a fully licensed and bonded ARC agency and is a member of IATAN. As a result, customers can be fully accommodated with airline reservations. Special "bulk air" contracts provide Travel Resource Solutions with year round competitive airfares to the Caribbean and Central America. In essence your resort now has the ability to offer air inclusive packages at competitive prices. By being able to offer cost competitive air transportation options to your customer, we can "close the sale" by being able to include the cost of getting there into the reservation quote. Travel insurance is offered to all of your customers.

It is important to understand we are not a travel wholesaler or tour operator. In fact, we consider wholesalers, tour operators, travel agencies and dive retailers to be customers we serve as part of your reservations team, just as we do your consumer clients. We have a solid relationship with many of the leading North American based wholesale companies who book many of our clients on a regular basis. Their level of satisfaction with their booking process through a source they know and trust has resulted in increased wholesaler business for most of our client base.

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             Why Choose Us

Our client branded "private label" reservation services extend the element of privacy and proprietary to every aspect of your business. Whether the customer is a consumer, travel agent or travel wholesaler, we handle each and every contact we make with the same high quality care to detail and customer satisfaction you would if answering the communication directly.
improved conversion rates & customer satisfaction
Our skilled Reservation Specialists perform as an extension of your sales force, excelling to improve conversion rates and increase revenue per reservation. Clients of Travel Resource Solutions yield more sales, more up-sells and a higher level of customer satisfaction with the reservations process.
the unique skill set of our Staff
Our Reservation Specialists and Marketing Staff are all certified scuba divers and enthusiastic travelers themselves. Combine their personal passions with the extensive training they receive on your specific property or operation and you get a model agent perfectly "primed" for making a connection with your client.
The Longevity of our staff and our client Relationships
50% of our staff and our clients have been with our Company for at least five years, the other 50% for at least 10 years. This has enabled us to acquire an unparalleled depth of understanding of our clients businesses and to cement long term relationships with our clients management and staff, as well as with our clients repeat clientele and trade partners. Simply put, the partnerships we form with our clients are consistent and lasting. Ask us today for a reference.
Travel Resource Solutions  Reservations Specialist
Private Label Toll Free Voice Reservations

Obtaining a toll free number is a step in the right direction, but are your phones being answered by knowledgeable, professional sales staff? Since a customers vacation experience begins the minute they make that first call, you need to insure their phone experience is a positive one. - always working on your company's behalf. Trained to learn the nuances of your property or product, our highly trained Sales Specialists understand that when we speak to your customer, they are speaking as you - for you - while creating a virtual travel experience that is sure to convert the sale.

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calculate your capital investment savings
let the capital investment be ours

By helping you to significantly lower overhead costs and streamline your operations, Travel Resource Solutions helps you position your organization for long-term growth and profitability. Our services can solve the economic problems of establishing your own quality reservation office. By spreading the cost of the many items against the revenue base generated by our multiple clients, we are able to offer you reservation services at highly competitive rates that represent a significant cost savings to our clients.

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Reservation requests by email
e-mail reservations management

Technology has made it mandatory to provide a means for your customers to make vacation inquiries via email. For many travelers, this is the standard means by which they wish to obtain information or any help they need.. With professional communication skills at their fingertips, our Sales Specialists know how to respond in a manner that will not only deliver the response requested but provide the personal touches that reach out to your prospects to reflect an understanding of their very specific vacation needs, and providing the means for closing the sale and confirming the reservation.

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credit card processing
Receivables Management & Accounting Services

Travel Resource Solutions will collect all payments when due from all sources including consumers, travel agents and wholesalers and OTA's (such as Expedia.) We will reconcile and forward these funds to the appropriate designated parties as directed, including paying your support service vendors such as dive operators, car rental agencies and others. Travel Agent and Dive Retailer commissions will be tracked and paid after the guest's travel is completed.

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hand to hand naturing of a client brand
Nurturing Your Brand as if it were our own

At Travel Resource Solutions , we consider ourselves an extension of your company. Whether we are answering simple questions or guiding your clients through a virtual vacation experience, our Sales Specialists have the attitude that reflects your unique product and the aptitude to provide your customers with the service and solutions they need. By understanding the particular needs of your customers - be they scuba divers, adventure travelers or leisure vacationers - our call center Sales Specialists will protect the value of your brand and your overall marketing investment.

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