Database and Reporting Solutions

MS Office Automation (VBA Programming)

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a tool many knowledgeable companies use with their Microsoft programs to get the programs doing what they REALLY wish they would be doing! It is the tool that is "missing from the Microsoft tool box." Whether you are looking to automate a tedious procedure, get your Word, Excel or Access applications communicating, VBA does the trick - assuming you speak the language of this code.

Report Automation (Excel)

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly utilized applications in today's business environment, however not everyone has the skill, inclination or time to learn the language or code needed to get the most out of this valuable program. Our team has the skills to create custom excel spreadsheets utilizing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to provide high quality results at a reasonable price.

You likely have a series of Excel spreadsheets developed to handle various tasks within your company, but are they working as efficiently as you would like? Do you have new tasks that you have been performing manually that really should be automated? We can help you solve your spreadsheet challenges, save staff time and money, while creating code that will be easily understood by other Excel developers should the need arise.

Form Letter Automation (Word)

Most businesses use form letters or standard documents, in which a few details need to be changed each time the document is created. The best way to deal with this is to build an automatic document template for Microsoft Word utilizing VBA. to display a dialog box into which the user enters the necessary information. You can add form fields for the variable content to make the job of completing the document easier. But for the greatest control and ease of use, you can't beat the versatility of a VBA UserForm. A VBA UserForm is a custom dialog box, to which you can add all the features you would normally see in a regular Windows dialog box like text boxes, combo boxes, option groups, check boxes and more.

Email automation (Outlook)

Lifecycle marketers generate thousands of emails to their onboard subscribers. Schedulers are in need to tools to send routine reminders of meetings to attendees. Once TRS has helped you establish the framework, the list of where and how your company can utilize automated emails has no limit.

Database Automation (Access)

Microsoft® Access is an economical, feature-rich desktop database application that integrates well with other products in the Microsoft Office Suite. It does however, require a solid understanding of relational database design and VBA coding in order to the longevity and quality of your Access projects. Utilizing macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code, the TRS team can establish the projects you need to perform common operations such as opening forms and reports, executing queries, performing complex data processing, importing or exporting data, all with programming elements that can be set to run automatically in response to a wide range of user actions.